Why should you work with me?

It’s tough finding a writer to communicate the value of innovative technological solutions to a broad audience.

Generalist writers often require time and hand-holding to get up to speed on your products and services.

Technically-inclined writers understand the benefits of what you’re selling — but can struggle to convey that to customers and may not see the “big picture” in terms of overall marketing and sales strategy.

Working with me is different. Here’s why:

I speak tech

I have experience with Python and Ruby programming and front-end development — as well as a passion for all things science and technology. So why does that matter to you? Because it means I understand the nuances of what high-tech companies are doing, and I can communicate seamlessly with their technical experts.

If you’re doing something truly cutting edge, you won’t have to worry about explaining yourself for the hundredth time: My background and love of tech mean that I’ll be willing and able to dive right in to your documentation and learn.

I’m a teacher

I spent years teaching technical communication courses to STEM majors at a top-ranked university in Asia. So how does that help you?

Because I’ve seen firsthand how hard it can be for tech folks to bridge the gap between their expertise and the world at large. And I appreciate the challenge of getting non-specialists to understand a new technology well enough to see its true value. My experience teaching technical communication means that I know how to distill sophisticated technological concepts to their essence — so that you can engage and persuade buyers.

I get sales

I’ve done project management in the sales division of a Fortune 500 industrial company (Eaton Corporation). How can that make a difference for you?

Because it’s possible to find an engaging and accurate technical content writer, but it’s a whole lot harder to find one who also has a sales and marketing mindset.

My experience in the world of corporate sales and project management gives me the kind of strategic, bottom-line perspective that you need. And if you have larger, collaborative projects with clients or outside vendors, you’ll know that you can count on polished professionalism from your writer.

I’m a philosopher

Yes, you read that right. Back when I was young, I did a PhD in philosophy. Hey, I wanted to know the meaning of life. So why should you care?

Because all those years of training are amazingly useful in this business.

I write clearly, precisely, and persuasively. I can grasp complex concepts and break them down to their essentials quickly. I’m a useful sounding board for analyzing the logic of your strategic plans or testing new ideas. And if you need help with projects that require research and documentation, I’ve got the academic chops to handle it.

As for the meaning of life? I’ll have to get back to you on that one.

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