Speaks tech.

Writes well.

Knows how to sell.


Is it too much to ask for all three?

I help tech companies engage and persuade non-specialist buyers


You’ve got a million things on your plate. But you still have to find time to communicate the value of complex technological solutions to your customers.

It would be nice to find a writer to help. But you can’t spend weeks on an extensive talent search. And you’re not about to make compromises: Generalists who don’t fully understand what you’re selling. Techies who know their stuff…but have a hard time explaining it to anyone else.

That’s where I can help you.

Unlike most writers, I have programming and web development experience. I’ve also spent years designing and teaching university-level technical communication courses for STEM majors.

That means I can talk to your experts in their own language—and grasp the nuances of your product or service better than other writers. But even more importantly, I can translate that into effective content and persuasive copy that shows your prospects why they should buy from you.

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Great copywriter. Stuck closely to the brief and supplied well-written, factual and interesting copy before the deadline. Communicative and helpful throughout, offering rounds of edits (not required from our side) and considering other elements such as design in his work.


Senate Publishing

Nick understood immediately what was missing from the advertising strategy we were using to promote a university-level course and devised a superior approach very quickly. After adopting the new promotional materials he designed for us, our enrollments shot up.

Daniel L.

University of Illinois

Perfect copywriter in every way. Loved the copy, very clever, but not too salesy or aggressive. Would love to work with him again. Cheers, Nick. I’m sure the copy will increase sales!

Gary Mason

Snappy Sales Video