Samples of my writing



Troy Hunt, founder of Have I Been Pwned, on data breaches

Renoly Santiago, star of Hackers, on the film at 25 and the relationship between tech and the arts

Website Copywriting

About Us page for MASSO CNC Controllers, an Australian manufacturer of CNC control devices

Why Us page for Petroleum Marketing Group, one of the largest fuel distributors and wholesalers in the eastern United States

Articles and Guides

Technical article explaining encrypted communications apps

Walk-through guide to using app-based 2FA on iOS

Guide to macOS privacy settings for users switching from Windows to Mac

Long-form Guides and Explainers

Guide to VPNs (complete introduction with special considerations for Mac users)

Cryptocurrency and cryptojacking explained (covers cryptojacking as a security threat and core background concepts such as blockchain, cryptocurrency, and cryptomining)